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Tessera is concentrating increasingly on work that requires native speakers of English and we essentially do everything in-house. This (plus the introduction of the GDPR, plus the fact that the majority of spontaneous applicants nowadays look suspiciously like cases of identity theft) means that we no longer maintain a list of freelance translators, editors and reviewers for work that needs to be outsourced, other than people who have worked for us in the past. Unsolicited applications will just get binned.

On the rare occasions we do ask for people for specific jobs via Proz.com or other such forums, please send us an listing all the following:


- freelance work only, not a de facto employer-employee relationship. Dutch residents may be required to produce appropriate verification of this

- if references are not supplied, a short test translation may be requested

You may need to enable scripting to see and use the e-mail addresses and links given above, as they are inserted dynamically by a Java script as an anti-spambot measure. Alternatively: info(at)tessera-trans(dot)com