Tessera BV   

Company history

The private limited company Tessera B.V. was founded in 2006 as a vehicle for our translation and editing services. However the business was already well established by then.

Our translation and editing business was actually started in 2001 by Mike Wilkinson. It initially focused on his expertise: the world of information technology, in which he worked for over fifteen years as a programmer, designer, project leader, department manager and consultant, and medical translations, relying on his degree in Natural Sciences and subsequent work in the pharmaceuticals industry. Later on he was joined by Clare Wilkinson and Ruud Faulhaber who each brought their own areas of expertise. In particular we are now able to handle financial translations thanks to Clare's degrees in economics and statistics and experience in the fields of pensions and health insurance.

Our business is still flourishing. To date, we have accumulated a database of over four thousand translation jobs totalling around ten million words of material that we have translated ourselves, much of which is available for reference and re-use through the computerized tools we use.