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Translation Rates

Prices for direct clients are higher because they also include a review by a second native speaker. Other factors affecting the final price are:

  • The subject field. We apply a higher rate for specialist medical, pharmaceutical, financial and other highly technical fields.
  • The document format. A higher rate applies if additional work is involved due to the format (e.g. non-editable PDF, paper or fax or uncorrected OCR output).
  • Urgent work. If work has to be squeezed in at short notice, that then has an impact on other jobs (e.g. resulting in evening work).
  • Unsocial hours. A job that has to be done over a weekend will also incur a higher rate.
  • Reviewing. Additional services such as reviewing by a second native speaker or proofreading will be reflected in the price quoted.

Please note that these prices apply to all our language combinations, i.e. from French, German, or Dutch into English and from English into Dutch.

We also offer discounts if a document contains substantial repetition and/or there is substantial overlap with previous translations (either translations we ourselves did previously or as contained in a translation memory provided by the agency). We use our CAT tools to determine the degree of overlap (fuzzy matches).These discounts are:



100% matches:


for 99%-75% matches:


Editing rates

Editing covers the correction of English texts produced by non-native speakers and the review of translations into English from French, German or Dutch. We offer editing on an hourly basis. As a rough guide, we can do between 500 and 1500 words per hour, depending on the quality and subject matter. If wished, we will agree a maximum number of hours in advance. It may also be possible to quote a price per word, if we are able to see the material beforehand.

The editing rates also apply to proofreading of books we have translated.