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Q. What are your specialist areas?   Show Answer

Q. Do you also translate books?   Show Answer

Q. Do you also edit and correct documents that are already in English?   Show Answer

Q. Do you also do translations into French and German?   Show Answer

Q. Do you edit machine translations?   Show Answer

Q. Do you do language combinations with languages other than French, German, Dutch and English?   Show Answer

Q. Do you translate documents with a mix of languages?   Show Answer

Q. What are sworn translations and do you do them?   Show Answer

Q. What are back-translations and are they necessary?   Show Answer


Q. Why do you have a minimum fee?   Show Answer

Q. What is included in the word count?   Show Answer

Q. Why do you offer a lower rate to translation agencies?   Show Answer

Q. What if I've only got a few changes to a document you translated earlier?   Show Answer

Q. Do you apply discounts for fuzzy matches?   Show Answer

Q. Is the work subject to VAT?   Show Answer


Q. How long does a translation take?   Show Answer

Q. How long does it take to edit a document?   Show Answer

Q. What else do I need to provide when I send you a translation?   Show Answer

Q. What if I have questions after you've delivered the translation or edit?   Show Answer


Q. What is CAT?   Show Answer

Q. What CAT tools do you use?   Show Answer

Q. Can I send you a scan of a paper document?   Show Answer

Q. Can you translate HTML files?   Show Answer

Q. Can you translate XML files?   Show Answer


Q. What makes a good translation?   Show Answer

Q. How can I be sure of the quality of your translation?   Show Answer

Q. Do you include localization?   Show Answer