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We maintain a list of freelance translators, editors and reviewers for work that needs to be outsourced. If you would like to be included on this list, please send an e-mail ( ) listing all the following:

All are welcome, but please note that we are mainly interested in working with professional translators whose specialist fields fit in with our own, and those who offer the same language combinations as us but in other specialist areas. Most of the work we outsource concerns translations into French or German.


- freelance work only, not a de facto employer-employee relationship. Dutch residents may be required to produce a VAR form (verklaring arbeidsrelatie) or other appropriate verification

- if references are not supplied, a short test translation may be requested

You may need to enable scripting to see and use the e-mail addresses and links given above, as they are inserted dynamically by a Java script as an anti-spambot measure.
Alternatively: info(at)tessera-trans(dot)com

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